Training Method

K&C Canine Life Skills LLC’s purpose for dog training and canine behavior intervention is to train owners to teach their dogs the necessary canine life skills for a happy life together. Crystal and I believe that dog training should be enjoyable and best suited for each individual dog and their family. Our training method takes a multifaceted approach to dog training and canine behavior intervention with three elements: force-free, positive reinforcement, and holistic.


  • Force-free: Force-free dog training and canine behavior intervention means that you learn how to achieve your desired dog training and canine behavior intervention goals without the use of pain, force, or fear. You are encouraged to be a teammate with your dog. We do not teach alpha and/or dominance theories. Training your dogs with these theories can cause problems. Two primary problems caused by training with alpha and/or dominance theories are: cause people to use punishment that suppresses canine behavior problems rather than addressing the underlying cause and human-dog relationships are not the same as dog-dog relationships. See the Position Statement on the Use of Dominance Theory in Behavior Modification of Animals from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.


  • Positive reinforcement: Positive reinforcement dog training is focusing on what your dog is doing right rather than wrong. You learn how to train your dog making use of what he or she finds to be positively reinforcing is whether it be food, toys, play, etc. Positive reinforcement dog training encompasses learning skills for a happy life: developing a dog’s self-control, developing a dog’s trust with their owners, and developing self-confidence of both dog and owner.


  • Holistic: Holistic approach to dog training includes evaluating your dog’s overall needs: physical, diet, emotional health, mental stimulation, and your relationship with your dog. Our holistic approach also encourages you to be your dog’s teammate to bridge the species communication gap and enjoy a happy life together.