Our Training Method
Our dog training method is force-free, positive reinforcement using reward-based methods and building a bond with your dog. You may ask, “What does this mean?” Force-free training does not use pain, force, or fear to train your dog. Positive reinforcement training encompasses learning skills for a happy life: developing a dog’s self-control, developing a dog’s trust with their owners, and developing self-confidence of both dog and owner. This type of training makes use of what is reinforcing to each individual dog whether it be food, toys, play, etc. Just as is with humans, dogs work for what they find to be positively reinforcing.
Some dogs have behavioral issues and need behavior modification. Our approach to behavior modification is nonjudgmental and thoughtful to assess each situation individually. We specialize in behavior problems including on-leash aggression, jumping, barking, resource guarding, and more. Many behavior problems can be resolved or managed for your dog and family to live a happy life together.
Our purpose for dog training is not just to train dogs to be well mannered; it is to train owners to teach their dogs the necessary canine life skills for a happy life together. Crystal and I believe that dog training should be enjoyable and best suited for each individual dog and their family. While Crystal is not present for training sessions, she is always inspiring me to do my best for every dog and their family.