Canine Behavior Skills Package (Any Age)


Our Canine Behavior Skills Package is designed to help dogs to live a happy life. The first place to start is understanding that your dog is struggling and experiencing some form of fear and/or anxiety making it difficult for him or her to cope with life. Our goal is to help you understand your dog and why his or her behavioral issues are occurring. By figuring out the underlying causes we can work together to help you and your dog resolve their issues to live a happy life.

The best part of our Canine Behavior Skills Package is that no two packages are the same. Every client and their dog have a canine behavior intervention plan designed to meet their individual needs. K&C Canine Life Skills LLC assists people and their dogs with many canine behavior life skills needs including:

Excessive barking
Separation Anxiety
Generalized Anxiety
Noise sensitivity
Fear behaviors

Floor surfaces
Car rides
Getting into the car


Complimentary phone consultation
(1) 90-minutes session (in-home consultation included)
Subsequent sessions are 60-minutes each (maximum two behavior intervention activities per session)
Canine Behavior Intervention Plan
Behavior Report after each session
Phone and email support between sessions
Phone and email support after last session (duration of support varies by number of sessions purchased)


$100 per session up to 30 miles from our location in Clayton, NC
$125 per session between 31 - 45 miles from our location in Clayton, NC


All sessions are at your home at your convenience.
Each package is designated for one dog. Packages cannot be combined for multiple dogs.