Intro Canine Skills Package (Any Age)

Simple Package_1

Our Intro Canine Skills Package is designed to help people and their dogs gain a basic introduction to assist with simple dog training needs. K&C Canine Life Skills LLC assists people and their dogs with intro canine life skills needs including:

  • Polite greetings (reduce jumping on people)
  • Leash manners (walk politely on leash)
  • Crate training
  • House training
  • Minor reactivity


  • Free phone consultation
  • (1) 90-minutes session (in-home consultation included)
  • Maximum two introductory training or behavior needs.
  • Training report after session
  • 15 days phone and email support after session


  • $100 per session up to 30 miles from our location in Clayton, NC
  • $125 per session between 31 - 45 miles from our location in Clayton, NC


  • Session is at your home at your convenience.
  • Each package is designated for one dog. Packages cannot be combined for multiple dogs.