Puppy Skills Package (8 weeks – 1 year)


Our Puppy Skills Package is designed to help people and their puppies to start off on the right paw. Puppy training is beneficial as it sets the stage for a well-mannered dog and future learning opportunities. People and their puppies learn the foundation skills to them to progress to intermediate and advanced skills in the future to enjoy a happy life together.

The best part of our Puppy Skills Package is that every client and their puppy have a package designed to meet their individual training needs. K&C Canine Life Skills LLC assists people and their puppies with many puppy life skills needs including:

Name recognition (respond to his or her name)
Recall (come when called)
Leash manners (walk politely on leash)
Polite greetings (reduce jumping on people)
Puppy nipping and/or biting
Crate training
House training


Complimentary phone consultation
First session is 90-minutes session (in-home consultation included)
Subsequent sessions are 60-minutes each (maximum two training activities per session)
Training Plan
Training Report after each session
Phone, text, and email support between sessions
Phone, text, and email support after last session (duration of support varies by number of sessions purchased)


$100 per session up to 30 miles from our location in Clayton, NC
$125 per session between 31 - 45 miles from our location in Clayton, NC


All sessions are at your home at your convenience.
Each package is designated for one dog. Packages cannot be combined for multiple dogs.