Are you a Certified Dog Trainer?

Yes, I am a Certified Dog Trainer with a diploma from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy.


What is my dog training philosophy?

My dog training philosophy is force-free, positive reinforcement that emphasizes building a bond with your dog and learning to understand him or her. I use what is reinforcing to each individual dog whether it be food, toys, play, etc. for desired behaviors. I use a no reward marker word (examples: oops, uh-oh, ah, etc.) or ignore undesired behavior. Force-free, positive reinforcement dog training does not involve the use of pain, fear, or force.

Ultimately, I show owners to enjoy training their dogs for a happy life together. I give you the tools and methods to train your dog and achieve your desired dog training goals.


What training equipment do you use?

I use front clip harnesses, clickers, six foot length standard nylon leash, six foot length nylon traffic leash, and flat collars. I also instruct owners how to properly use these tools for their dog’s comfort and optimal training success.


Am I the right trainer for you?

I am a Dog Trainer who believes that dog training is a team effort that requires owners to be kind, patient, consistent, open minded and willing to learn with their dog. Yes, you and your dog are learning together. I teach you to understand your dog and teach him or her necessary skills to be successful. I teach your dog to enjoy learning to learn. Then I pass the leash to you to enjoy the rewarding experience of training your dog. Your dog training experience also includes practice exercises to work on in between sessions. Don’t worry though; you’re never alone as I offer positive reinforcement of praise and words of encouragement for the owners too!


What methods will you not use to help me train my dog?

I will not use any techniques involving the use of pain, fear, or force. I will not support the use of shock collars, prong collars, choke collars, or leash corrections. I will not support terms such as 'alpha', 'pack leader', and 'dominance' as these words are damaging to your relationship with your dog. These methods suppress behavior, increasing behavioral problems in the long run, diminish the trust between you and your dog, they don't teach the dog what you want, only what to avoid, and cause psychological and physical harm to your dog.


How much does the dog training cost?

Dog training is not one size fits all process and each dog is different. The cost is determined by the free phone consultation and your individual needs.  I talk with you for a brief phone consultation to discuss yours and your dog’s individual training needs. Then you and I discuss which Training Package best matches you and your dog’s needs.


What is included with the dog training packages?

Every training package includes the following: free phone consultation, in-home consultation included in the first session, customized training plan (excludes Intro Canine Skills Package), training report after each session, phone and email support between sessions and after final session (time frame varies based on package selected).


Do you train dogs that are aggressive or have behavioral issues?

Yes I do. I specialize in behavior problems including on-leash aggression, separation anxiety, barking, resource guarding, and more. My approach to behavior modification is nonjudgmental and thoughtful to assess each situation individually. Many behavior problems can be resolved or managed for your dog and family to have a happy life.


Do you come to my house?

Yes, I offer private dog training session in your home at your convenience. This provides a relaxed environment for both you and your dog helping the training process to be successful.